Courses of Czech for Foreigners

Czech for Little Children and Their Parents

Learn Czech together with your children.
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Individual Czech training

Our number one. There’s no better way to get fast results and start speaking with confidence. It is a very personalized course and made up with regard to a student’s personality and needs. We focus on areas of students’ interest and teach them in the way they find most approachable.
There are only 1-2 students in one course with regard to their learning styles. Students can learn Czech individually or work as partners during the whole course, motivate and help each other to progress.
Come to the individual meeting and discuss all details with us.
Are you not in Brno? We offer also individual lessons online via Skype or Zoom.
Do you have a small child? You can have a lesson while your child is playing in the play corner.

Number of lessons Price / student – 1 student Price / student – 2 students
5 x 90 min 4.200 CZK 2.500 CZK
10 x 90 min 8.000 CZK 4.800 CZK
10 x 60 min 5.300 CZK -

The first lesson is always a “trial lesson”, you can try if you like our teaching style. Afterwards, you can decide if you want to buy the whole package of lessons.

Small group Czech courses

These courses are suitable for students who enjoy studying in a group and want to meet new people. We monitor the progress of all students, motivate them to reach their goals and enjoy the Czech language.
All of our courses are packed with fun activities focused on spoken communication. We use only Czech language in our lessons to encourage you to speak Czech and think in Czech.
There are only 3-4 students in one group. The group is very small therefore you still make a big progress in a short time.
If you are interested in our courses, please, contact us. We open our courses according to students’ preferences several times in a month, not only these which are published here. We will help you to choose an appropriate course and discuss all the possibilities at our personal meeting.

Number of lessons Price / student
10 x 90 min 3.900 CZK

Courses in school

New starting dates hopefully soon.

Courses online which you can join

Level Day Time No. of lessons Price
False-beginners (A1/2) Tu 15:30-17:00 10 x 90 min 3.900 CZK
Pre-Intermediate (A2/2) Mo 16:00-17:30 10 x 90 min 3.900 CZK
Pre-Intermediate (A2/2) Th 8:00-9:30 10 x 90 min 3.900 CZK
Intermediate (B1/1) Tu 17:30-19:00 10 x 90 min 3.900 CZK
Advanced (B2) Tu 12:15-13:45 10 x 90 min 3.900 CZK

The first lesson is always a “trial lesson”, you can try if you like our teaching style. Afterwards, you can decide if you want to buy the whole package of lessons.

Intensive Czech courses

Learn basic Czech in one or two weeks! Intensive Czech course with 20 or 10 teaching lessons per week (four/two hours per day) prepares you for basic communication in Czech. You will learn the most common Czech phrases and vocabulary which you will be able to use actively in everyday situations. We are not going to make you tired by boring grammar studied in detail but we are going to focus on speaking, listening and vocabulary development. We are not going to learn just Czech in our classrooms but also we are going to get out and practice the language in real life.
In these courses, you can learn Czech in very small groups of between 3-4 students in a friendly atmosphere without stress.
Interested? Please, contact us and we will discuss the date, time of lessons and the most suitable programme together.

Number of lessons Price / 1 student
10 x 90 min / 5 x 180 min 3.900 CZK

New starting dates hopefully soon.

Are you looking for another courses? Do you prefer to start another time or have more intensive course? Just contact us and we will it discuss together.

Individual meeting

Because we treat our students as individuals, at first, we would like to hold a free personal meeting with you to find out not only the level of your proficiency in the Czech language but also why you want to study Czech, and what your learning styles and personal preferences are. The interview is about 45 minutes long or 25 minutes if you are a complete beginner. Contact us to arrange a meeting! The meeting is free of charge, without any obligation to enroll at our language school. It usually takes place in our office in Brno, but it can also be carried out over the Internet.

Study Czech Fridays

The event takes place on Fridays about once a month. It is designed for foreigners living in Brno, who want to improve their Czech skills but they don’t have time / don’t want to attend regular courses or who attend Czech language courses but they want to do more. If you don’t like frontal teaching and you want to learn practical Czech, these events are the best option for you.

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spring 2020

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